Ensuring Access to Key Recreational Facilities

The Township of Russell and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (the "UCPR") are pleased to introduce the first approved initiative through the new Regional Community Investment Fund. This innovative initiative grants visitors free access to the Walking/Running Track portion of the Township of Russell Sports Dome, as of April 9, 2024.

Through the Regional Community Investment Fund, the Township of Russell and the UCPR demonstrate a shared vision for enhancing community health and ensuring equitable access to key recreational facilities. The initiative intends to remove economic barriers to health and fitness opportunities and to encourage a healthy lifestyle among residents.

The Regional Community Investment Fund will fund $30,000 for the remaining 9 months of 2024. To continue access to the track, future requests of $40,000 will be made in 2025 and 2026, should the Funding Program still be in place. This partnership confirms a collective dedication to providing all residents the opportunity to engage in physical activity, in a welcoming and inclusive setting.

Expressing his support, Pierre Leroux, Mayor of the Township of Russell and Warden of the UCPR, said: "This initiative marks a significant step in our commitment to the community's health and inclusivity. Offering free access to the Sports Dome's Walking/Running Track through the Regional Community Investment Fund reflects our dedication to making the Township of Russell and our region a vibrant and healthy place for all."

Posted on 04/09/2024
Pierre Leroux, Warden of the UPR, surrounded by smiling people. The photo was taken on the Sports Dome's running track in Embrun.